Middleton Cricket Club, at its General Committee meeting on 3rd February elected Ian Thorp as the new Club Chairman and thanked the outgoing Chairman (John Fielden) for his services to the Club during his 5 year tenure.

John said “ I have found my time as Chairman hugely rewarding and, I am pleased to have played a major part in bringing a new younger generation of people to the General Committee.”

“I am now convinced that I can confidently “hand over the baton” knowing that the future of this proud Cricket Club is secure”

“I want to wish Ian every success as Chairman and I will use my new position as Vice Chairman to help him “find his feet”.”

Ian said “ Those who know me, know that this was not a role I actively sought but, I believe I have the skills to take our Club forward and I will give it everything I’ve got.”

“That said, I want to make it clear from the outset that the new administration is going to be about TEAM not, individuals.”

“There will be greater openness; a renewed focus on Cricket; our players; and, our existing Membership.”

Ian finished by saying “ There is much to do as we build up to the new season and our Members will soon see some signs of change in and around the Club.”