Notice is given that the Annual General Meeting for 2023 will be held on Wednesday 11th January at 8pm

The Agenda/Booklet will be posted out to members by 3rd January at the latest

The deadline for submitting motions to the AGM will expire on 31st October 2022 – any motion must be proposed and seconded by existing Club Members and posted on the Notice Board

Nominations for members to the General Committee will expire on 31st October 2022 – the nomination must be proposed and seconded by  Club Members of at least 12 months standing and be posted on the notice board

Anybody wishing to ask a detailed/ technical question at the meeting is advised to submit the question in writing to the Club secretary as early as possible, but no later than 7 days prior to the AGM, to ensure that a full reply can be given.

Whilst there will be no restriction on questions from the floor,  questions requiring detailed answers run the risk of information not being immediately to hand. In that scenario, a holding response will be given and a written response will be issued following the meeting.

In accordance with Rule 18(g) only Members who have paid subscriptions by 31st October 2022 will be permitted to attend the AGM


The General Committee