Here are the First Team averages for the 2019 season.

Batting and Fielding

C Williams21260598*31.8440
M Shadid20493124.5000
J Tierney1924066723.8880
G Jones1412646120.3010
R Dempster18327153*18.06100
L Le Carpentier19030060*15.78153
T Rutter14415233*15.2040
R Tierney1942265315.0650
A Holland7334158.5030
R Jones724219*8.4010
M Roberts150123218.2060
D Royle8149137.0050
D Highton1053410*6.8040
A Malik42753.5050
R Fitton1022773.3740
A Holmes20532.5000
T Astley10111.0030
J Harris10111.0000


D Highton194.2287185912.16
C Williams272.5756054712.87
R Fitton12.1052317.33
J Tierney3501921019.10
T Rutter110.2174592220.86
R Dempster248.4617032133.47
A Holland35.52158352.66
A Malik10900.00