Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Listed below are links to other Cricket related sites. Please note Middleton Cricket Club does not endorse any items on these sites which may be offensive to any person or party.

Pennine Cricket League

 Pennine Cricket League  - Play Cricket (Statistical) Site

Ashton Cricket Club - Austerlands Cricket Club  - Crompton Cricket Club

Friarmere Cricket Club  - Glodwick Cricket Club Greenfield Cricket Club 

Heyside Cricket Club - Hollinwood Cricket ClubLittleborough Cricket Club

Micklehurst Cricket Club  - Milnrow Cricket Club - Monton & Weaste Cricket Club

Moorside Cricket Club  - Norden Cricket Club - Oldham Cricket Club 

Rochdale Cricket Club - Royton Cricket Club  - Saddleworth Cricket Club

Shaw Cricket Club - Stayley Cricket Club - Uppermill Cricket Club

Walsden Cricket Club - Werneth Cricket Club

 Governing Associations

England & Wales Cricket Board - International Cricket Council - Lancashire Cricket Board 

Lancashire County Cricket Club - Marleybone Cricket Club 

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