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Sunday, 10 June 2012


JACK Gillibrand has been synonymous with Middleton Cricket Club since Adam was a lad.

Now I am not trying to say Jack is old because at 57 myself that would be asking for trouble. All I can say is that as a former neighbour of his, friend to his children and regular passer through his back garden on to the cricket club there is only one other person who matches Jack when I think of Middleton Cricket Club and that is Harry Harwood.

Old Harry was our demon, mentor and tormentor as kids playing on the ground on any day - or night - of the week. There didn't have to be a match on. It was our playground 24/7. We had dens in the trees and hidey holes all over the place. It was a vast area with a myriad of places to run, jump, climb and just generally be kids....and it had the cricket field which we used as our Old Trafford or Lords, only on the very edges of the outfield mind, until Harry appeared from the Hollin Lane entrance, resplendent in his flat cap and sports jacket, waving his strong, bony hands at us in an attempt to shoo us off the premises and back to our own houses, which were generally just a few yards away.

Happy days! And they generally still are whenever I visit the club...although I don't climb that many trees anymore or attempt to kiss Janice Bevan or Louise Roberts around the back of the old tearoom.....basically cos it ain't there and I wouldn't know where to find Janice or Louise now anyway!

Anyway, back to Jack. He is to be found either in the bar sitting just to the right as you walk in from the tearoom or on his chair by a table at the car park entrance collecting admission money on first team match days between 1pm and 4.30pm.

Jack's lads, John, Michael and Simon all played for the club. But what about Jack himself? Did he ever wield a bat in anger or send the odd ball arcing towards the stumps?

He is currently one of the club's league representatives and serves on Middleton CC's general and ground committees after joining the club committee back in 1982.

"No I never played for a club but living where I do you couldn't help but get into it," said Jack, who recently celebrated his 82nd birthday. "I knocked about on the local greens and played inter-departmental cricket for ICI where I worked and that's about it.

"At school it was the war and we didn't even have any cricket gear!"

His lads have more than made up for that and although retired from the game now themselves they do hold a proud place of honour in the club's trophy area in the bar. Their names are engraved on a bat marking their first and only appearance together in the first team.

So apart from his lads, who is the player that stands out from all those he has seen at Towncroft? Most Middleton members would go for Basil D'Oliveira, but Jack says: "Gary Sobers. He was the top player for me. He made it look so easy."

Thanks Jack! And let's hope you continue doing it nice and easy on the club for many more years to come!

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